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What Our Patients Are Saying About Us


“I’ve never felt more in tune with my body. I felt comfortable and relaxed, and for someone who had never had acupuncture before, Dr. Katharine walked me through every step of the way. Thank you, Dr. Katharine!”

                      ~ L.K.

“I came into see Dr. Katharine after I was in a multi-car accident. I had severe neck and back pain, and after only two treatments, I was completely pain-free. I can’t express enough how wonderful and attentive Dr. Katharine is.”

                        ~ C.J.

“I suffered from and endured back pain for years. Recently, I injured my back lifting heavy machinery at work and couldn't walk without having shooting pain that was unbearable. After my first visit, I went from stabbing, excruciating pain to virtually no pain at all. Dr. Katharine made me feel better than I've ever felt before."

                      ~ B.R.

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