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Testimonials: Testimonial

“I’ve never felt more in tune with my body. I felt comfortable and relaxed, and for someone who had never had acupuncture before, Dr. Katharine walked me through every step of the way. Thank you, Dr. Katharine!”

                      ~ L.K.

“I came into see Dr. Katharine after I was in a multi-car accident. I had severe neck and back pain, and after only two treatments, I was completely pain-free. I can’t express enough how wonderful and attentive Dr. Katharine is.”

                        ~ C.J.

“I suffered from and endured back pain for years. Recently, I injured my back lifting heavy machinery at work and couldn't walk without having shooting pain that was unbearable. After my first visit, I went from stabbing, excruciating pain to virtually no pain at all. Dr. Katharine made me feel better than I've ever felt before."

                      ~ B.R.

AMAZING healthcare practitioner! Dr. Kim truly listens fully. Her treatments helped me recover more quickly from major surgery. The surgeon was impressed how much acupuncture helped minimize the trauma and sped healing. Dr. Kim also cured very painful tendinitis and plantar fasciitis. I feel better than ever and continue to go to keep my immune system and overall wellness boosted. Highly recommend you try acupuncture -- especially during cold/flu season. It's truly preventative and you'll love Dr. Kim.

                      ~ M.L.

I’m not sure it’s possible to put into words how much I adore Dr. Kim – her treatments have exceeded my expectations, and I wish I had met her sooner. She has become my favorite part of my wellness routine, assisting me with everything from eczema, getting more restful sleep, having clearer/more glowing/younger looking skin, to stress relief…the list goes on! The best part is how I first made an appointment when I felt desperate with laryngitis, and a friend recommended acupuncture (which worked!!). I never thought I’d be grateful for losing my voice, but I have that experience to thank for leading me into her office, giving my body what it needs, and introducing me to this incredible woman whom I now consider a friend!

                        ~ D.C.

Katharine's treatments are amazing! She has a very nurturing energy about her, the moment I step into her office I feel comfortable and at peace. I've been going to her since she was in school. I've suffered from chronic pain for over a decade, and within just a few treatments, I was pain free. Not only did it help my pain, I feel emotionally lighter, I sleep better, and have an overall sense of wellbeing after every session.

                      ~ T.C.

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